Dear Readers, Authors and the Editorial Board Members,


I am pleased to announce that in 2020 I have replaced prof. dr hab. Eng. Zygfryd Witkiewicz as the Editor-in-Chief of "Scientific and Didactic Equipment". My primary aim is to develop and increase the importance of our quarterly both in Poland and abroad. For this reason, our website exists both in Polish and in English, all works are also published in these languages. Apart from that, we are also working intensively on including our journal in the SCOPUS and WEB OF SCIENCE databases.


However, the publishing house will not be able to develop without the support of its authors and readers. Therefore, we cordially invite everyone willing to publish their texts, to read articles published in our quarterly and cite them in external works.


Yours faithfully,


Prof. dr hab. Jan Piwnik



Dear Readers, Authors and the Editorial Board Members

The chairman of COBRABiD, prof. Joachim Osiński, has appointed me again to a post of editor-in-chief of Scientific and Didactic Equipment (ABiD) journal. I hope that after 26 years of existence this journal will be still developed and its position will be stronger.

Prof. Osiński’s and my intention is to introduce a few changes, which should improve the current function of ABiD. All papers will be published in Polish and English languages with only English language in near future. The journal will be open access and all until now edited issues will be digitalized. Some small numbers of the new issues will be printed in a paper form. The journal will remain quarterly with broad subjects area concerning scientific and didactic instrumentation and its application.

For the realization of the above mentioned plans we intend to conscript a new editorial board.  We count on the activity of the members, taking into account a weal of our common journal. We expect from the members of the editorial board publishing their and their teams works, reviewing works for publication and proposing ideas for improving the work of the editorial office and our journal development.

We are inviting you to be a member of the editorial board of our journal till 15 of January 2019.



Editor-in-Chief prof. dr hab. inż. Zygfryd Witkiewicz

Dear Readers, Authors and the Editorial Board Members

The present issue of ABiD is the last one with me as the editor-in-chief. After twenty years of mine supervising the ABiD editing, dr Andrzej Grzebielec will enter into function in March 2016.