About the Journal

The journal Scientific and Didactic Equipment (Aparatura Badawcza i Dydaktyczna, ABiD, ISSN 2392-1765) is a quarterly published since 1996. It is a successor of a scientific instruments newsletter published by COBRABiD since 1975.


The scope of original research papers and review articles includes technology, chemistry, physics and electronics, biology, agriculture, and any other discipline requiring the use of various instruments for research purposes. Results of research work in the Research and Development Centre of Research and Didactic Equipment (Centralny Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Aparatury Badawczej i Dydaktycznej COBRABiD sp. z o.o.) are also published in the journal.


The contents of each issue proves the journal’s interdisciplinary approach. The journal presents the equipment and results of innovative research carried out by research teams in educational and other institutions, which can be valuable for both science and economy.


Readers learn about new instrument designs and applications, e.g. concerning chemical analysis and measurement of physical and physicochemical properties. The topics, issues and phenomena covered mainly relate to food research and production, chemical technology, chromatography, spectroscopy, biochemistry, microbiology, and environmental engineering.


Manuscripts in Polish or English are accepted. All papers are subject to review.


The Editorial Board comprises Polish and foreign scientists who both share their expertise and can help promote the journal in their countries.


For the purpose of avoiding any violations of scientific honesty, authors are obliged to submit a declaration confirming the originality of the manuscript, the contribution of each co-author to the work, sources of financing, no conflict of interests, and copyright transfer.


Since 2015 the primary version of the journal ABiD is the on-line version.


ABiD is indexed in the following databases: Index Copernicus and BazTech.


On 9th of December 2016 the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) announced a list of scientific journals and their scores. According to the evaluation, the number of points awarded by publishing a paper in the journal ABiD is: